TLAB Annual Report and Evaluation Process

Toronto Local Appeal Body
40 Orchard View Boulevard, Suite 211
Toronto, Ontario M4B 1R9

RE: TLAB Business Meeting 30: February 10, 2021

Dear Chair Dino Lombardi and Members of TLAB,

First, congratulations to Chair Lombardi on your appointment as Chair.

We are bringing forward two items:

  1. 28.5 – INFORMATION (Dec. 2, 2020 meeting ) – Correspondence (FoNTRA – re the TLAB Annual Report)

    Minutes of the December 2, 2020 meeting are not posted, but we recall the Past Chair Ian Lord saying in that meeting that he would respond to FoNTRA’s correspondence regarding the TLAB Annual Report.  However, FoNTRA has not received the promised response. 

    FoNTRA’s submission (as quoted from our correspondence) is as follows:
    “Given the importance of the Chair’s Annual Report in providing for transparency about TLAB’s operation and results, we suggest that the TLAB Annual Report be formally received and approved at a Business Meeting. This could be established as a procedure or “rule”. Assuming consideration of the item occurred in open session, this would allow an opportunity for input and deputation by all stakeholders, such as residents associations, on matters raised by the Report”.

    Supporting materials to Dec 2, 2020 meeting:
    1. FONTRA letter (September 19, 2020) RE: PH15.4 Toronto Local Appeal Body – Chair’s Annual Report
    2. FONTRA letter (July 23, 2020) RE: PH15.4 Toronto Local Appeal Body – Chair’s Annual Report, to Mayor Tory and City Council, with attachments including Performance Statistics and correspondence
    3. Email (August 30, 2020), requesting Chair’s Annual Report be added as a new Agenda Item to Virtual Business Meeting, August 31, 2020.

  2. 26.7 – INFORMATION (Feb. 10, 2021 meeting) Toronto Local Appeal Body – Draft Evaluation Status

    We recommend that:
    1. evaluation should employ a 360 degree perspective, i.e. review from all sides of the appeal process (appellant representative, City staff, residents/resident association), as is best evaluation practice; and
    2. the TLAB Evaluation Subcommittee charged with the responsibility of developing an evaluation process should exemplify this best practice and include representatives of interested parties other than TLAB Members, such as members of the public.

Respectfully submitted,

Geoff Kettel
Co-Chair, FoNTRA

Cathie Macdonald
Co-Chair, FoNTRA

Cc: Susan Garossino, Director, Court Services
Michael Mizzi, Director, Committee of Adjustment and Zoning