Steering Committee

FoNTRA is managed by a Steering Committee of volunteers with an interest in FoNTRA’s mission and a background of involvement in residents associations and leadership in their issues.

Steering Committee provides direction to the FoNTRA organization by:

  • Ensuring regular meetings of member associations to discuss the current planning issues and share ideas on how to be effective in addressing them;
  • Ensuring that the appropriate FoNTRA communications are provided on agreed matters to City Committees and Council and to the Provincial government as appropriate;
  • Co-ordinating initiatives with similar organizations in Toronto and in Ontario on common issues; and
  • Manages membership dues to support agreed FoNTRA initiatives.

The 2022 members of the Steering Committee are:

  •  Co-Chair – Geoff Kettel
  •  Co-Chair – Cathie Macdonald
  •  John Bossons
  •  Tom Cohen
  •  Andy Gort
  • Sheila Harrison
  • Maureen Kapral
  •  Al Kivi
  • Terry Mills
  •  Matthias Schlaepfer
  • Terry West

Regular Meeting Dates

FoNTRA Steering Committee meetings are held every second Tuesday each month (except August) from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

The Steering Committee members are kept advised of current issues throughout the month via emails. Immediate action/responses may be required on some items to meet stipulated deadlines so discussion/consensus will take place via email. These items and new discussion items are reviewed at the monthly Steering Committee meeting. 

The typical structure of the agenda for a Steering Committee meeting:

  1. Welcome and agenda approval 
  2. FoNTRA organization matters
  3. City Planning Issues  
    • Official Plan (Our Plan) 
    • Low-rise/Neighbourhoods
    • Mid-Rise/Hi-Rise 
  4. Tribunal Update 
  5. Construction 
  6. Area based 
  7. Other 
  8. Provincial Issues – update
  9. Adjournment