Regulatory Framework for Multi-tenant Houses

12th floor, West Tower, City Hall
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Attention: Marilyn Toft

RE: PH25.10 A New Regulatory Framework for Multi-tenant Houses (Ward All – Statutory: Planning Act, RSO 1990)

Dear Mayor Tory and Members of City Council,

This is to reiterate our support for the proposed regulatory framework for Multi-Tenant Houses, as previously communicated in our letter to the June 28 PHC.

Our reason for communicating again on this matter is to express our opposition to the motion moved by Councillor Ana Bailao, and adopted by PHC, regarding fraternity and sorority houses. They meet the definition of rooming houses and should be included in the regulatory framework.

Our members who have lived experience with such student housing properties in their neighbourhoods report that these properties, which have similar features of rooming houses, can, unfortunately, have similar negative impacts on neighbours. Not all fraternity and sorority houses manage themselves well, and ensure safe conditions, and the community suffers.

They, and we, believe that such properties should absolutely be included in the regulatory framework, and all concerned will benefit from the consistent licensing and enforcement regime.

We request that City Council not lose focus on establishment of a City-wide uniform regulatory framework for all multi-tenant houses, and urge the City to ensure that fraternity and sorority houses are brought into compliance immediately. Finally, we would reiterate our earlier comment to PHC that given the steep increase in resources that are required (without accompanying revenue offsets) it would appear that strong political leadership will be required to ensure adequate resources are made available, and ultimately ensure the success of the program. We respectfully request that City Council provide that leadership.

Yours truly,

Geoff Kettel
Co-Chair, FoNTRA

Cathie Macdonald
Co-Chair, FoNTRA

c.c: Chris Murray, City Manager
Giuliana Carbone, Deputy City Manager Community & Social Services
Tracey Cooke, Deputy City Manager, Development and Infrastructure
Carleton Grant, Municipal Licensing & Standards
Gregg Lintern, Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division