Sometimes the terminology and acronyms used by planners, politicians, developers and others may seem quite unintelligible at first – almost a whole different language. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled some of the best glossaries. If you have found others, let us know!

Development & Planning


ARSC Avenue Road Safety Coalition 
CHRA Cultural Heritage Resource Assessments
CORRA Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations
CACorporations Act 
CofACommittee of Adjustment
CBC  Community Benefits Charge
CPLCCommunity Police Liasion Committee 
DADevelopment Charges Act
DVTLFDon Valley Train Layover Facility
EHONExpanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods
FUNFederation of Urban Neighbourhoods
FOSTRAFederation of South Toronto Residents’ Associations
FONTRAFederation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations
GHGGreenhouse Gas
HCDHeritage Conservation District
ICBLInterim Control By-laws 
IECInfrastructure and Environment Committee
IZInclusionary Zoning
LNALand Needs Assessment
LPATLocal Planning Appeal Tribunal (now Ontario Land Tribunal – OLT)
MPGCMount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries 
MCRMunicipal Comprehensive Review
MZOMunicipal Zoning Order
MTSAMajor Transit Station Area
MCRMunicipal Comprehensive Review
MSFMaintenance Storage Facility (Ontario Line)
MLSMunicipal Licensing and Standards
NYCCNorth York Community Council 
OBCAOntario Business Corporations Act
OHAOntario Heritage Act
OLTOntario Land Tribunal (formally Local Planning Appeal Tribunal – LPAT)
OPAOfficial Plan Amendment
PHCPlanning and Housing Committee
PMTSAProtected Major Transit Station Area
SGAStrategic Growth Area
TLABToronto Local Appeal Body
TEAToronto Environmental Alliance
TANGOToronto Atlas of Neighbourhood Groups and Organizations
TEYCCToronto and East York Community Council
TODTransit Oriented Development
OCGUrban Growth Centres
YUFLYoung Urban Forest Leaders