General Members Meeting – November 16, 2021

  1. Welcome and agenda approval
  2. FoNTRA organization matters
    • 2021 membership update
    • Federal Candidate Meetings
    • Oct. 14 Meeting with Gregg Lintern
    • Planning Forum with City Planning (deferred to winter/spring 2022)
    • New website update
  3. Planning Policy Issues 
    • Official Plan (Our Plan)
      MTSA Working Group
      Emerging issues re complete communities, infill in tower communities, house price unaffordability
    • Inclusionary Zoning
      City Council Nov. 9 2021 – FoNTRA Letter of support 
    • Reduced Parking requirements for development
      Report to Nov. 25 PHC; recommendations available on City website on Nov. 10
  4. Neighbourhood Intensification Policies
    • Laneway suites
      Oct. 14 meeting with Graig Uens, Oct 27 Public Meeting and Nov 4 letter to Gregg Lintern and his response
      November 25 Planning and Housing Committee
    • Garden Suites 
      Meetings held with the Planning team
      Community Consultation – video available on Garden Suites website; can also view draft Official Plan Amendment and the draft Zoning By-law amendment; comments to be submitted by Nov. 30
      PHC date in January, 2022
    • Multi-Tenant Housing (Rooming Houses) –
      Oct. 4 City Council decision to refer matter back to staff for more work
  5. Tribunal Update
    • CofA – Study approved by City Council; consultant hired but no details available    
    • TLAB – Nov 16 Public Business Meeting in In Camera Training and Education (City Planning and Urban Forestry staff presentations)
    • LPAT Hearing on bylaw 569-2013 – waiting for changes to City Planning zoning examination guidance
  6. Construction
    • Several Members Motions that deal with construction issues but reports back are overdue
    • MM37.21 Measures to Enhance Compliance after the Permit Process – FoNTRA letter in support
    • Expiry Dates for building permits – requested report back to PHC Oct 18 2021
    • Dormant/unfinished construction – MM10.6 Regulating property standards on unfinished or dormant development sites 2019 – status of report back?
    • Iceberg Homes – City Council direction for report back
      Jaye Robinson Members Motion at City Council
      Toronto Star article by Emma Teitel
      CBC News video
  7. Area based
    • Canada Square
    • Midtown in Focus Zoning Review – Concerns re: basis in OPA 405 and consultant study 
    • East Toronto Railpath – City Council Nov. 2021
    • Ontario Line including MSF
    • Yonge Street Active TO
  8. Other
    • How to deal with media “puff-pieces”
    • Dealing with developer/brokers sales issues
    • Design Review Panel – public access/engagement during COVID
    • Not for Profit Corporations Act Oct. 19 2021
    • Provincial Autumn Financial Statement
  9. Adjournment

Next General Meeting: January 18, 2022