TLAB Panel Training and Education Session

RE: TLAB Public Business Meeting, November 16, 2021 – Item 33.1 TLAB Panel Training and Education Session.

Dear Chair Dino Lombardi and Members of TLAB,

This is to provide our comments and suggestions with respect to the above noted agenda item, which will be held In Camera, as permitted by the TLAB’s Procedural By-law 1-2017.

FoNTRA commends the TLAB in its efforts to promote and enhance public understanding and education regarding its mandate and role in the City’s Land Use Planning system. These efforts include Public Business Meetings, annual reporting to the Planning and Housing Committee, and publication of the Public Guide, and website. We recall for example a Public Business Meeting held in Scarborough on February 10, 2017 which was well attended by stakeholders, including RAs. The Meeting included presentation materials by Klaus Lehman, Zoning Section, City Planning, which were made publicly available, and which continue to be referred to by RAs.

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