Jane’s Walks

What a great day for participating in Jane’s Walk! Sunday, May 6 was sunny but not too hot and about 30 people learned a lot about Leaside’s places of worship, their architecture and artistic treasures, and their social and cultural role in the community. Thank you to the excellent presentations given by representatives at each […]

Saturday, May 5, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. Jane Jacobs was a famous urbanologist who lived in Toronto, a person who was passionate about protecting and enhancing cities from unbridled growth. She pinpointed the existence of thriving neighbourhoods as the essential building block ensuring that cities were liveable and dynamic entities. Jane’s Walk encourages citizens get […]

Sunday May 6 at 1.30pm Places of worship are celebrated and respected as spiritual centres, but they also serve as community service centres, and often as enduring landmarks. Leaside has seven places of worship, all actively engaged in mission and service. We will visit five churches from four Christian denominations which are located within walking […]