City of Toronto Special Committee on Governance Summary of Findings Oct 29, 2019

Mayor John Tory and Members of City Executive Committee re Toronto Ontario Transit Update Oct. 22, 2019

FoNTRA letter Provincial Policy Statement Review Draft Polices Oct 17, 2019

FoNTRA Letter to Planning and Housing Committee RE PH8.6 Appeals of City-Wide Zoning Bylaw 569-2013, Request for Direction, Sept. 14, 2019

FoNTRA Letter to Planning and Housing Committee RE PH8.7 End to End Review of the Development Review Process, Sept. 14, 2019

Proposed new regulation pertaining to the community benefits authority under the Planning Act, Aug. 23, 2019 FoNTRA letter – Bill 108 – Community benefits Authority – ERO 019-0183 Aug 23, 2019

Proposed new regulation and regulation changes under the Planning Act, including transition matters, related to Schedule 12 of Bill 108 — the More Homes, More Choices Act, 2019. FoNTRA comments – Bill 108 – Transition regulations – ERO 019-0181 Aug 6, 2019

FoNTRA Letter re Bill 108: More Homes, More Choice Act (Planning Act and Development Charges)

FoNTRA Working Document Minor Residential Planning and Decision-Making in Toronto. An End to End Overview of Policy and Process Issues, April 11, 2019

FoNTRA Letter re CoA April 3 2019