Laneway Suites By-Law Amendment Review

October 21, 2021

in Current Issues


Toronto’s Laneway Suites Zoning By-law Amendments were originally initiated within Toronto and East York district. These permissions were expanded City-wide on July 16, 2019, when City Council adopted By-law and Official Plan amendments to extend the program City-wide.

Laneway suites are a type of second unit permitted by the Official Plan. A laneway suite is a self-contained residential unit, with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities, located in a separate building that is subordinate in size to the primary dwelling on the lot and adjacent to a public laneway.

The City of Toronto is reviewing the Laneway Suites Zoning By-law Amendments to determine whether any changes are necessary to improve the relationship of laneway suites to adjacent properties and to facilitate the construction of Suites. Together with other initiatives currently underway, this work forms a critical part of the City’s objective to support Laneway Suites as an additional rental housing option in Neighbourhoods.

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