Municipal Muffler: Better Tools for Vehicular Noise Enforcement

Our members agree that loud vehicular emissions continue to be a major problem on many arterials and freeways around the City, as well as locations like plaza parking lots. We understand that enforcement is difficult. The use of occasional Police check points to catch offenders cannot be effective. The City of Toronto should be taking a proactive approach to reducing excessive noise, which is not just annoying, it is a health issue. Emerging technologies and equipment can offer more effective ways to enforce the noise by-laws.

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Development in Proximity to Rail: Official Plan Amendment

This is to advise of our support for this report and its recommendations to consult widely on its proposals.  

We note the report‘s reference to the extensive network of rail networks in Toronto; all wards in the city except one (Willowdale) being affected.  Further to this we recommend that the consultation involve all residents associations.

We also note that the report makes no mention of SafeRail, which is a national grass roots organization addressing safety matters in communities adjacent to rail lines. We suggest that this group be considered as a key stakeholder in the consultation.

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