November 20, 2012
Re: November 27, 2012 City Council Meeting – Agenda Item NY 20.35
100 Ranleigh Avenue – Zoning By-law Amendment Application
Dear Mayor and Councillors,
The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations (FoNTRA) is asking all members of
Council to seriously consider rejecting the above Agenda Item NY20.35 when it comes
before Council at its meeting of November 27.
The application concerns a request from the Board of the Bedford Park United Church for
Zoning permission to replace their vacant church property at 100 Ranleigh Ave. with a fourstorey
mixed used apartment/condominium in the middle of a long-established
neighbourhood with private detached and semi-detached residences on three sides. There
is a prohibition on apartment buildings in the Bedford Park community.
This is a matter that should be of concern to all members of Council because of the strong
likelihood that it will become a precedent for neighbourhoods all across the city.
FoNTRA believes that the city’s planning department has erred in its advice to North York
Community Council (NYCC) by failing to recognize that this is more than a zoning issue and
represents a direct breach of the City’s Official Plan provisions such as Policies 4.1.5 and
Because places of worship across the city enjoy special privileges as to location, many are
located in the middle of established neighbourhoods creating the potential for them to be
redeveloped for uses that directly contradict the permitted uses in the area. This is a threat
to stable residential neighbourhoods throughout the city.
Proponents of this particular development will speak of the social benefits for senior housing,
but this cannot be allowed to override the rights of their neighbours or create a dangerous
precedent for other neighbourhoods.
We strongly urge City Council to reject this application.
FoNTRA’s October 1 letter to NYCC with detailed references to Official Plan policies and
related material is attached.

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