TEYCC Meeting, February 14, 2012: TE13.16 Downtown Tall Buildings Project – Consultant’s Study, Public Consultation and Implementation

February 13, 2012

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Councillor Gord Perks
Chair, Toronto and East York Community Council
c/o Clerks’ office 2nd floor, West Tower, City Hall
100 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

email: teycc@toronto.ca

Attention: Ros Dyers, Council Administrator

Dear Councillor Perks and members of Community Council

We provide the following comments on this report.
1. We believe that this report is important for the whole city, not just the downtown since the latter is a unique resource and showcase for the whole city. As such, this document should be reviewed by the Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGM Cttee.) in addition to the TEYCC.
2. Concern that in focusing on tall buildings in situ (mapping of “high streets and secondary high streets”) but out of context of the OP land use designations, may result in prejudicing the OP and the current OP Review.
3. Policy recommendations include a lot of “will” statements whereas “shall” would be more appropriate (i.e.stronger).
4. Support the concern as expressed by the heritage community that the view corridor vantage points (like College Street for the Queen’s Park view) may be inadequate and need further study. Also the study area is restrictive. The study area is bounded on the north by Bloor Street. The lands on either side of Avenue Road north to the CP tracks should have been added. So much for “backdrops” to the Legislative Assembly!
5. The final recommendation states that this document will be amalgamated with the existing guidelines to produce a new set. It is unclear whether the new set will apply to the downtown only or to the whole city. If the latter there should be a opportunity for review by other Community Councils (as well as PGM Cttee.)

We note that most of these issues were identified already in our previous submission dated May 1, 2011. While there may be other matters that require further examination, thank you for consideration of the above mentioned concerns.

Yours truly,

Geoff KettelPeter Baker
Co-Chair, FoNTRACo-Chair, FoNTRA
129 Hanna Road124 Sherwood Avenue
Toronto, OntarioToronto, Ontario
M4G 3N6M4P2A7

Cc: FoNTRA Representatives & Other Interested Individuals

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